At Team Wedenmark you’ll see the difference in advance

Team Wedenmark work according to the process model of SACD – Swedish Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. For you the patient, it means that  you’re getting the most predictable outturn available in dentistry today. The actual treatment begins only after the final results are presented to the patient and approved. Another aspect is the thoroughness. Therefore, we perform no “quick fix” under the motto “new wallpaper on the decaying walls”.

Three steps towards a predictable result

Step 1

Full examination with clinical history and patient preference. We make models of the existing teeth and shoot a series of pictures of how the patient looks like today.

Step 2

Modell av tänder som tas fram av tandteknikerPatients inspect their “new” diagnostic wax-up teeth. The patient may in some cases see him or herself in a photo montage with the new teeth done as desired. These wax-ups often allows the patient to try the new teeth outside their own teeth for a short time. In this way the patient truly feels if the product meets the desire. The patient is very much involved in the process with views and comments. When both patient and dentist are satisfied with the new look, the treatment starts. And the treatment will not surprise the patient since the outcome is already predetermined.

Step 3

Only now the treatment begins

How much do the treatments cost?

It is difficult – if not impossible – to set a standard rate of dental work. We would like to conduct a study to determine which treatment is right. After that, we can calculate the cost. You can in some cases be entitled to apply for Tandvårdskonto “Dental Care Account” at the swedish dentists organisation Praktikertjänst. There may be a good option if you want to split payments

Long ago you went to the dentist?

For many of us, going to the dentist just doesn’t happen. “A little while” quickly becomes several years. But obviously, tooth wear doesn’t rest. Therefore, we offer a special Catch Up Consulting , which includes four X-ray images on CD-ROM. It will give you a true picture of your tooth status. Price: SEK 500 including VAT.

Special discount for students

Unfortunately, many young people cease to check their teeth when they reach the later teens. We know that many students unwittingly begins a dreary habit of neglect. Team Wedenmark’s Dental Consultation For Students includes four X-ray images for special price of 480 SEK including VAT.(Membership of Försäkringskassan required) It is a good way to check your teeth status.

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