Dentist Martha Wedenmark with a patientGeneral Dentistry

First and foremost, we are dentists. We fill your cavities rapidly and efficiently. Our dental hygienists are professional and up to date on the latest technologies.

Woman with beautiful white teethCosmetic Dentistry

We offer a wide selection of the best aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry treatments. Use us for veneers professionally performed teeth whitening. We fix discoloration, gaps, unaligned teeth,  ugly looking  fillings, and much, much more.

Flowers with tooth brush Preventive dental care

Probably the most the important health aspect for your mouth and teeth. Our  Whole Family Dentist Services program for families with children 3-19 years provides several advantages. Many people have realized the connection between periodontal disease and heart problems, diabetes and periodontal disease. That’s why we offer health screening which includes screening for high blood pressure, high blood glucose levels and low bone mass (osteoporosis).

Emergency ServicesEmergency Dentistry

When something happens that should not have happened, it feels good to quickly get to a professional dentist. We always take care of you the same day with a reliable treatment that addresses the discomfort you have. When the emergency is remedied, we discuss a treatment that will help you in the long run so you do not get new acute symptoms.

a dentist performing a special dentist treatmentSpecial treatments

Thanks to our broad range of expertise, we can also provide rare and extensive treatments for teeth and mouth.  We perform  laser treatment, orthodontic treatment with Inman Aligner and installation of dental implants .