Do you feel that your bite is patched, worn and in need of a ”full makeover”?

Man opening bottle with his teeth
You may have been involved in accidents or had teeth destroyed by drugs or by general wear. Involuntary teeth pressing while sleeping – bruxism –  is a serious threat to your dental health. You may have bet on emergency dental care and over time gotten a mouth full of ugly looking and ragged temporary dental restoratives.

An investment in quality of life

We use our mouth and teeth every second of our life: when we breathe, when we eat, when we talk and when we signal with our body language to other people. If hurts to eat, if the teeth are over sensitive or if you are ashamed of your smile, then you what have is plain and simply poor quality of life. An investment in a functional and beautiful bite is both a physical and a spiritual improvement.

Team Wedenmark have the competence

Team Wedenmark undertakes extensive mouth and bite treatments with dental implants, veneers, porcelain crowns, whitening and teeth alignement – singly or in combination. Team Wedenmark have the knowledge, the experience and all the modern technology required to address even “hopeless” cases. “