Beautiful white teeth

Take care of your smile

The esthetic aspect of dentistry has always been a speciality here at Team Wedenmark. We offer a wide selection of the best and most modern esthetic and cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Ask us about veneers and professionally performed dental bleaches. We’ fix discoloration, gaps, malocclusion, ugly fillings and more.  It’s time to get out there and show off your great new smile.

Teeth whitening at the dentist

Today there are many different kinds of methods for whiter teeth. Not all of them are harmless. In 2011 new rules were introduced in the EU for the use of certain types of bleaching agents.  At the dentists clinic, you’ll  get an examination before bleaching which is the safest and best solution. For example, if you have dental restorations of poor quality, the  bleaching can cause damage. If you have surface stains caused by foods, we can polish it. If the discoloration is deep however, bleaching may be a solution.

Veneers and crowns shells

A lot of dental problems can be corrected with veneers: Discoloration, gaps between teeth, uneven edges and ugly fillings. A veneer is a thin shell which is applied to the tooth surface.  When it covers the top of the tooth crown, its called a shell. They come in several materials. Most commonly is ceramic or composite material. Veneers and crowns are developed individually for each patient and each tooth.


Veneers. Picture from wikipedia.

Teeth alignment

Today’s modern braces are nearly invisible and can straighten teeth even for those whos youth is long gone.  We’ll adjust your teeth in depth and laterally. We work with removable braces Inman Aligner . We collaborate with specialists in orthodontics, for the best results for you.