The most common cause of death worldwide

Did you know that diseases caused by high blood pressure cause more deaths than anything else the world? We offer you a simple health screening at our practice. This is to benefit from the dentist’s competence in well established link between periodontal disease and heart problems, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Every 17 minutes someone in Sweden is struck by myocardial infarction or stroke, often without prior symptoms. Many, many people have high blood pressure or high blood glucose level without knowing it. We in dentistry meet our patients regularly. We know that approximately 91 percent of the Swedish population over 15 have visited the dentist for a two-year period.

People go to a doctor, in general only when the symtoms stars to emerge – more seldom for just a check-up. By detecting and preventing, you as a patient could spare a lot of time and perhaps much suffering. Early detection and appropriate treatment reduces  risks Therefore we offer our patients to monitor blood pressure, blood glucose and risk for  osteoporosis during the examination. Of course it is voluntary and does not replace a regular health check – but it gives an indication of state of your health.

A heart being medically examined

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Grateful and interested patients

Grateful and interested. Such is the response of the patients who have been offered to measure blood pressure and blood glucose levels at the dentist. Team Wedenmark’s nurses now offer all patients the basic health screening with their dental appointments.

What’s the common response to the offer of a health screening?

– Most patients are positive. Those who do not want to be screened have – in most cases -recently been screened by medical doctor. You rarely hear someone say “I don’t want to know.”

But, blood pressure sometimes rises because of a fear of going to the dentist?

– Sure,  anxiety can affect arterial pressure a bit. But not significantly much. If there is something wrong, the levels are much different.

The screening just takes a couple of minutes, and it proceeds without notice while the dentist team work on your dental health. The patient lies in the dental chair and relax for a while before the screenings. If the results are alarming, the patient is ​​prompted  to visit a doctor. Studies show that ten percent of the population aged over 45 are at risk of developing diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

-We do not go into detail on what the causes may be. Our task is only to reveal.

Early detection of high blood lipid levels and high blood glucose levels may be of great importance to a person’s health.

– When you find something, it feels like you accomplished something. For the quicker the patient will be helped, the better. And it helps of course to a better general health.

Detecting high blood pressure and blood glucose levels can save lives

Almost half of those who die due to coronary artery disease had no knowledge at all of their disease  and saw no early warning signs. Screening blood pressure and blood glucose levels at the dentist can thus reveal a diagnosis early enough. An early detection of hypertension and impaired glucose levels may have important health implications.

  • A dentist can detect high blood pressure, which is a strong risk factor for cardiovascular disease.
  • Screening for blood glucose levels can detect an incipient diabetes and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • The earlier the risk of a disease is detected, the better the chance that the treatment will have time to prevent it, so that the patient stays healthy.
  • If therapy is started early, it can most certainly affect the person’s prognosis, health and future quality of life.
  • The treatment is simple: a blood test and a blood pressure reading. If the results are alarming, the patient moves on to a medical doctor who do a more thorough check.