Laser – quick, efficient and hygienic

In our dental practice, we use laser for different treatments. Laser in dentistry has been around since the early 1970s, and there is much research and study on this topic. We use Elexxion diode laser which is primarily intended for soft tissue therapy and laser therapy on wound surfaces. A treatment with laser has many benefits for  you as a patient

  • Removes herpes blisters on the lip – faster healing without pain
  • Treatment for dentinal sensitivity
  • Removal of persistent bacteria in root canal treatment
  • Treatment of periodontitis
  • Surgical procedures in the oral cavity
  • Esthetic correction of the buccal mucosa

Endodontic disease in the pulp

In order to curb inflammation in dental pulp, the dentist needs to quickly remove bacteria in the canal. Using laser technology, the dentist eliminates the bacteria deeper down than the standard treatment and thus get a better result without inflicting more harm to the patient.

Periodontal disease or inflammation in the periodontal ligament

These inflammations are caused by bacteria that attack the tooth supporting tissues. A typical sign is bleeding when you brush your teeth. Inflammation in the periodontal ligament may even lead to tooth loss. Laser treatment allows the dentist to eliminate bacteria in the periodontal pocket. Patients have described the laser treatment as less painfull than conventional treatment. The swelling and possible pain that often accompanies the treatment is much less.

Surgical procedures

You can use dental lasers for different types of surgical procedures. Surgery with laser causes less bleeding and the surgical incision is kept more sterile. Another advantage is that patients experience significantly less post-surgery discomfort and pain.

Root Canal Treatment and periodontal diseases

Laser creates a much better outcome and the dentist can sometimes “save” teeth with very bad diagnosis. This allows you as a patient to save both money and time.


In case of inflammation around your implant, your dentist can help you get rid of the bacteria that cause inflammation. The laser removes the bacteria without damaging your implant.

Dental laser therapy

Laser therapy adds energy to the tissue. It enables the dentist to relief the patient from pain, to provide for faster healing and to temporarily remove the gag reflex. (For example during dental impression or X-ray) Laser therapy can also be used for healing herpes / aphthae and ulcers. With laser therapy it’s possible to accelerate healing. After 2-3 short treatments – about 2 minutes each – the patient experiences faster healing. The symptoms subside almost immediately. It’s also been noticed that for most people it takes longer before any symptoms recur.

Laser treatments provide dentists with a range of new opportunities and services for the benefit of the patients. Laser can be used for a variety of treatments which will hopefully make your visits more enjoyable and better in the future.