Whiter teeth on your terms

A woman with beautiful white teeth after teeth whitening

Many ways to whiter teeth

Today there are many different kinds of treatments for whiter teeth. But all of them are not risk free. In 2011 new rules were introduced in the EU for the use of certain types of bleaching agents. In the future it could be mandatory with proper clinical examination before whitening.

Teeth whitening at the dentist

At the dentist you receive a proper examination before the whitening. This is the safest and best solution. For example, if there are dental restorations of poor quality in your mouth,  teeth whitening can damage them. If you have surface stains caused by foods, we can polish your teeth. If the discoloration goes deep into the enamel, you need a bleaching solution. Bleach penetrates deeper into your teeth and makes them shiny and white.

Let Team Wedenmark be your partner for professional teeth whitening. We examine and propose a method that suits your needs. We remove both extrinsic and intrinsic teeth discolorations in the best way. Welcome in and get a new smile!

How much does it cost?

Every treatment and every patient is unique. The cost of your treatment is based on your preferences, expectations and requirements. In some cases, you can apply for Praktikertjänsts Dental Care Account (Tandvårdskonto) which lets you split up the payments. More about Tandvårdskonto on alltomdinatander.se. Your are always welcome in for a free consultation!

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